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Pietro Gentile

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Sophie Menkes

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Prof. Rubina Alves · Dermatologist · Portugal

Prof Dr. Rubina Alves is a specialist in Dermatology and Venereology and is doctorate in the field of Platelet rich plasma and Trichology, by Universitat Internacional Catalunya, Barcelona.
Dr Rubina Alves is a Professor and Coordinator of the International Master of Trichology and Hair Transplant of the Ramon Y Cajal University Hospital of Madrid (since the first edition). She also performed the Master in Anti-Aging Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery, realized in the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, Barcelona (Spain). During the last years, has participate in clinical trials and colaborates as a speaker in her expertize area of Regenerative Medicine. Publications: – Prof. med Rubina Alves has published two books: 1. ” Clinical indicatons and treatment protocols of Platelet-rich PLasma in Dermatology” in the field of regenerative Medicine and 2. “Techniques in the evaluation and management of hair diseases”. Has several scientific publications both in chapters of Dermatologic books and in relevant journals. At this moment she works in Madeira island in her clinic, Instituto Dermatológico da Madeira.

Prof. Katarina A. Andjelkov · Plastic Surgeon · Serbia

BelPrime Clinic

Professor Katarina Andjelkov, MD PhD is an accomplished plastic and reconstructive surgeon. After graduating medicine at the University of Belgrade, Serbia, she was trained in plastic surgery by prof. Ivo Pitanguy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Upon moving back to Serbia, she completed her master studies and PhD degree in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the University of Belgrade, Serbia. She is the owner of the first Clinic for regenerative surgery in Balkans where she performs stem cell treatments. She is a leading researcher in studies involving cell therapies at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade and holds the position of professor of regenerative and plastic surgery at the University SESA, Brazil. Dr Andjelkov is an active member of a number of professional associations such as: SBCP, Aexpi, ASPS, IFATS, ISAPS, SRBPRAS. She is frequently invited as a speaker in most of the Plastic Surgery meetings worldwide. She is author of more than 20 peer-reviewed papers published in renowned medical journals and a multi awarded co-author of papers (ASAPS 2009, 2011 and BAAPS 2012, 2013).

Dr. John Cole · Cosmetic Surgeon · United States

ForHair Hair Transplant Clinic

In 1990 John P. Cole, MD became a pioneer in total follicular unit hair transplantation and microscopic dissection with a focus on transforming the field of hair restoration surgery from cosmetically unacceptable results into aesthetically pleasing results. In 1998 Dr. Cole became one of the first diplomats of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) and later severed on both the examination committee and board of directors of the ABHRS. Dr. Cole led the Newcomer program of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRR) in 2000 and 2001. In 2002 Dr. Cole chaired the 10th annual meeting of the ISHRS in Chicago, IL. Dr. Cole received his first patent for innovative surgical instruments in 1998 and has acquired six additional patents from the USPTO since then along with numerous patents-pending instruments. In 2003 Dr. Cole pioneered the successful methods of performing follicular unit extraction (FUE) and began developing the instruments necessary to perform FUE. Today FUE is the most popular hair restoration surgery procedure in the world and FUE still depends on the basic principles and instruments described by Dr. Cole in 2003. Since then Dr. Cole has taught more physicians how to perform FUE from all continents. Dr. Cole has also been a scientific director for more conferences devoted to FUE than any other physician. In 2003 Dr. Cole opened the first FUE clinic in Europe and in 2007 the first FUE clinic in Asia. In 2005 Dr. Cole developed the first oscillating FUE instrument handpiece. In 2006 Dr. Cole filed patents on all major alterations in punch designs for FUE that all instrument companies manufacture today. In 2008 Dr. Cole filed a patent on multiple motion profile extraction devices, which other companies copy today. In 2013 Dr. Cole became the 13th recipient of the Gold Follicle from the ISHRS for his contributions to the field of hair restoration surgery. In 2014 Dr. Cole opened an FUE training center with Dr. Ozgur Oztan in Ankara, Turkey. Dr. Cole is one of the strongest advocates of FUE today.

Dr. Francisco Llano Corona · Cosmetic Surgeon · Mexico

Post Graduate Studies on Anti-Aging Medicine and Aesthetic Medicine Brazil / Mexico / Chile.
PHD tutor, University of Messina. Italy.
– Prize on Medical Excellence on Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics
– Prize to the Leader in Research and Health Sciences, for the Benefit of Mankind 2019, Medellin Colombia.
–  Doutor em Medicina Integrativa e Funcional by: Academia Interamericana de Ciencias Médicas, y el Centro Universitário Estácio de Santa Catarina. Brasil
–  Peptide Certified A4M USA
–  Postgraduate in Regenerative Medicine CCME – ISIENA Mexico
–  Two year AMWC Award Winner: Best Integrative Wellness 2022-2023

Dr. Simone Garcovich · MD PhD · Italia

Dr. Simone Garcovich is an Italian board-certified dermatologist and clinical researcher specializing in the field of hair-follicle diseases. He received his medical and specialist training at the Catholic university in Rome and post-graduate degree in the Hair science program at the La Sapienza university of Rome. He is experienced in the clinical and procedural management of inflammatory and cicatricial hair-loss conditions. Active member of the Italian society of Dermatology (SideMast) and of the European Academy of Dermato-Venereology (EADV).

Dr. Amin Kalaaji · Plastic Surgeon · Norway

Oslo Plastik Kirurgy

Dr AMIN KALAAJI, MD, PHD is a board certified plastic surgeon, medical director, consultant at Oslo Plastikkirurgi Clinic since 20 years and president of the Norwegian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (2018-2020). His current focus is on aesthetic breast surgery and body contouring, including aesthetic breast augmentation with fat grafting, inverted nipples, female intimate rejuvenation surgery, gluteal augmentation with fat. In addition: rhinoplasty, face fat grafting and quality of life (QoL) after aesthetic surgery. Dr. Kalaaji has published many peer-reviewed scientific papers and has presented more than 400 lectures, global courses, and invited-speaker lectures in plastic and aesthetic surgery worldwide, such as for ASAPS, ISAPS, ISPRES, IMCAS, and many national and international aesthetic surgery meetings. He is Editor-in-Chief on the newly published 2-volume book: Plastic and Aesthetic Regenerative Surgery and Fat Grafting: Clinical Application and Operative Techniques (2022, Springer).
He currently serves on the editorial board for the Aesthetic Surgery Journal and had hold/is holding key educational and adminstrative positions in the world major aesthetic societies as ASAPS, ISAPS, ISPRES, in addition to organizing meeting for these societies.

Prof. Lauren E. Kokai · Plastic Surgeon · United States

Lauren Kokai, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery and Bioengineering at the University of Pittsburgh, co-director of the Adipose Stem Cell Center (ASCC), faculty in the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine and President of the International Federation of Adipose Therapeutics and Science. She completed her doctorate Bioengineering degree in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. Afterward, she worked as a Scientist at a leading international pharmaceutical company, Allergan Inc., before returning to academia to study autologous fat grafting and adipose-derived therapeutics.

Dr. Hebert Teixeira Lamblet · Plastic Surgeon ·  Brazil

Dr. Lamblet is an experienced surgeon who specialized in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Brazil at the prestigious Pitanguy Institute with the skill to work with Prof Ivo Pitanguy in his private Clinic for 3 years. He is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon since 1999 and works in his private practice, at the Vikaara Klinik, in Brazil and Lisbon Portugal. He continues to be involved in research on fat grafting and adipose-derived stem cells in the USA and Brazil, bringing innovation and technology to the daily use of Plastic Surgery and Regenerative Medicine. He is a frequent sought-after lecturer worldwide on this medical topic. With over 20 years of compassionate individualized expert surgical care and leadership experience as the owner operator of 3 Clinics, Dr. Lamblet continues to seek new opportunities to benefit society. As a medical doctor and scientific researcher, the importance for him is always the unwavering patient satisfaction. He has recently completed successfully a second Master’s Degree at the Federal University of São Paulo.

Dr. Gustavo Leibaschoff · Gynecologist and Cosmetic Surgeon ·  USA

President of the World Society of Cosmetic Gynecology-WSCG.

President of the International Union of Lipoplasty-IUL.

Co Director of the University Course of Specialisation in Aesthetic and Functional Gynecology and Female Aesthetic Genital Surgery University of Barcelona Spain 2017-2020

Vice President of ISRAIT International Society of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Intimate Treatment

Director of ICAM USA ACADEMY International Consultants in Aesthetic Medicine

Member of ISPRES International Society of Plastic Regenerative Surgeons

Prof. Guy Magalon · Plastic Surgeon ·  France

Emeritus Professor of Plastic Surgery Aix-Marseille University, France
Dr. Guy Magalon is a board certified plastic & reconstructive surgeon, with more than 40 years experience in the public sector in the city of Marseille. He is also the President of the ‘Fondation de l’Avenir’ whose ambition is to fund the most promising clinical studies of the future. He holds a deep passion for cell therapies and Marseille has been paving the way for the success of the use of stem cells in various fields such as: hand scleroderma, non healing wounds, burns etc.

Dr. Jeremy Magalon · Pharmacologist ·  France

Cell Therapy Department, La Conception University Hospital C2VN, Aix Marseille University Marseille, France
Jérémy Magalon received his PharmD at the University of Aix-Marseille in 2013 after completing his residency in medical biology with a specialization in cell therapy. He holds a university degree in regenerative medicine and a master’s degree in tissue, cell and gene biology. During his residency, he mainly works on autologous PRP therapy and his other areas of expertise are autologous stromal vascular fraction derived from adipose tissue and adipose tissue graft.
In 2014, he became a hospital practitioner at the Necker Hospital (Paris) in the biotherapy department where he was involved in clinical trials using gene therapy to cure patients with severe hemoglobinopathy. He graduated as a doctor of science in 2018 with a manuscript entitled “Development of an Innovative Therapy Drug Using the Stromal Vascular Fraction of Autologous Adipose Tissue in Systemic Sclerosis: From Biological Characterization to Identification of Potential Biomarkers of Efficacy” . He is currently Senior Lecturer and Hospital Practitioner at the University of Aix-Marseille (Faculty of Pharmacy) and at the University Hospital of La Conception (Department of Cell Therapy).
Since October 2017, he coordinates the platelet – rich plasma injection activity of the University Hospital of Marseille, where PRP is used in various medical fields. He is the author of more than 80 articles and 5 chapters of books in Regenerative Medicine, and has been a speaker at more than 30 national and international conferences and courses. He recently created REMEDEX which is the first logistics & technical platform for health professionals wishing to perform local regenerative medicine procedures under rigorous medical and scientific conditions.

Prof. Jean-Paul Meningaud · Plastic surgeon ·  France

Jean-Paul Meningaud, MD, PhD is Professor, Head of the Department of Plastic and maxillofacial Surgery Department at the Henri Mondor hospital (Hospitals of Paris). A Fellow of the European Board of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery. He received the James Barret Brown award in 2011. He has been elected to be President of the European Association for Cranio Maxillo Facial Surgery in 2018-2020. He is in charge of five University Diplomas in cosmetic medicine. He runs researches in regenerative medicine and aesthetic surgery. Certified Expert, Cour de Cassation (highest court in the French judiciary), he is a titular member of the French National Academia of Surgery.

Prof. Alain-Ali Mojallal · Plastic surgeon ·  France

Prof. Mojallal

Chef de Service de Chirurgie Plastique et Esthétique Hôpital de La Croix Rousse. Chef de Service du Centre de Traitement des Brûlés Hôpital Édouard Herriot. Chef de la Banque de Tissus et Cellules Hôpital Édouard Herriot.

Dr. Beatriz Nicaretta · Plastic surgeon ·  Brazil

Dr. Beatriz Nicaretta is a Brazilian Plastic Surgeon and has chosen to focus her interests and talents exclusively on Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of the face and body. Dr. Nicaretta is a member of the Graduate Association of ULBRA University, where she obtained her medical degree and is a member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgeons (SBCP). She pursued her Residency in General Surgery (CNRM – 2007) at the Lutheran Hospital of the Lutheran University of Brazil (ULBRA) in Porto Alegre, Brazil. She also undertook her Specialization in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the General Polyclinic Institution (Accredited Service to the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and attended the Ivo Pitanguy Institute, an internationally leading center for modern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She obtained her Master’s degree in Medicine from the University of Porto (2012) in Porto, Portugal, where she was also granted license to practice in the European Union after undertaking the formal state exam of Diplomas’ revalidation.She is member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, The Greek Society of Medicine, the College of Portuguese Plastic Surgery and the Professor Illouz Assoxiation.She is triple Board certified plastic surgeon.Dr. Nicaretta has extensive experience in the field of Regenerative Medicine, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Tissue Engineering, acting both in research and clinically; actively participating in several World Congresses as a a faculty member and as a guest surgeon in Masterclasses Courses with Live Surgery demonstrations. She is an official reviewer for the APS Journal “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery”, has 13 publications in International Plastic Surgery Journals, and has contributed in 11 book chapters.Dr. Beatriz Nicaretta divides her time between Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Athens, Greece.

Dr. Aris Sterodimas · Plastic surgeon ·  Greece


Dr Aris Sterodimas is the Head of the Plastic Surgery Department of METROPOLITAN General Hospital, in Athens, Greece.He is the director of Regenerative Surgery Lab in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and he is considered as the pioneer of adipose stem cell application in the field of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. He did his training in Plastic Surgery in Bristol Royal Infirmary University Hospitals Bristol NHS, Radcliffe Infirmary Oxford University Hospitals NHS and the Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in United Kingdom.He obtained his Master degree in the field of Surgical Technology from Imperial College of London, United Kingdom. Dr. Sterodimas served then as chief resident of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Department in the world renowned center of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Ivo Pitanguy Institute, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. From 2005, he has been actively involved in research of Stem Cells application in the field of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Regenerative Medicine. His PhD is on Adipose Tissue Engineering in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Sterodimas is a Board certified plastic surgeon after completing successfully the National Board Examination, member of the ISAPS, member of IPRAS, member of the HESPRAS and member of AeXPI. He has published 60 peer reviewed articles in the most important Plastic Surgery journals and has contributed in the writing of 20 book chapters. Dr. Sterodimas serves as Visiting Professor and honoured guest lecturer at Institutions around the globe and has participated as a faculty speaker representing Greece in the biggest events of Plastic Surgery in the last 5 years. Plastic surgeons from 12 different countries have visited his department for training and observation of the state of the art procedures performed by him and his team.He is the Editor of ‘Adipose Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine’ book by Springer, which is in the top 25% sold medical books in 2015.

Tunc Tiryaki

Plastic Surgeon

Prof. Tunc Tiryaki · Plastic surgeon ·  Turkey

Dr. Tunc Tiryaki, a world-renowned plastic surgeon, is the Director of Dr. Tunc Tiryaki Clinic in Istanbul and Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Cadogan Clinic in London. Dr. Tiryaki is a pioneer in stem cell assisted mini face-lifts that produce a younger but natural looking appearance with no visible scars. He is globally renowned for his minimally invasive procedures, particularly suspension techniques, micro-lifting, and regenerative cell injections to generate youth. Dr. Tiryaki is the editor of the internationally published ‘Inverse Abdominoplasty’, as well as the co-author of the ‘Stem Cell Therapies’ chapter of a major two-volume textbook on the area of plastic surgery. Currently, he is writing two more international textbooks on Face-lifting and Micro-lifting. His techniques and research are widely published and holds patents for his innovative techniques in the area of regenerative and plastic surgery. Dr. Tiryaki also serves as the Section Editor of the international journal ‘Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’ and International Editor of Aesthetic Surgery Journal (ASJ) Editorial Board. Dr. Tiryaki is the Chair of Humanitarian Programs at the International Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS), and founder of ISAPS-LEAP Surgical Relief Teams that conducts volunteer reconstructive surgery operations all around the world. He has personally joined surgical volunteer missions to Syria, Kazakhstan, Georgia, and Sudan; he also led rescue missions during the 1999 earthquake and the 2011 Van earthquake in Turkey.

Invited faculty

ALVES RUBINA, Dermatologist – Portugal
ANDJELKOV KATARINA A. – Plastic Surgeon, Serbia
BOULARD AURÉLIE FABIÉ – Plastic Surgeon, France
CALABRESE CLAUDIO – Plastic Surgeon, Italy
COHEN STEVE – Plastic Surgeon, USA
COLE, JOHN – Cosmetic Surgeon, USA
DE ANGELIS BARBARA – Plastic Surgeon, Italy
DE FAZIO DOMENICO – Plastic Surgeon, Italy
DELAUNAY FLORE – Plastic Surgeon, France
GARCOVICH SIMONE – Dermatologist, Italy
HERSANT BARBARA – Plastic Surgeon, France
KALAAJI AMIN – Plastic Surgeon, Norway
KOKAI LAUREN E – Plastic Surgeon, USA
LAMBLET HEBERT – Plastic Surgeon, Brazil
LEMIERRE GUILLAUME – Plastic Surgeon, France
MAGALON GUY – Plastic Surgeon, France
MAGALON JÉRÉMY – Pharmacologist, France
MENINGAUD JEAN-PAUL – Plastic Surgeon, France
MENKES SOPHIE – Aesthetic Physician, Switzerland
MOJALLAL ALI – Plastic Surgeon, France
NICARETTA BEATRIZ – Plastic Surgeon, Brazil
PASCALI MICHELE – Plastic Surgeon, Italy
STERODIMAS ARIS – Plastic Surgeon, Greece
TRIVISONNO ANGELO – Plastic Surgeon, Italy
TYRIAKI TUNC – Plastic Surgeon, Turkey
VAN HEMELRYCK THIERRY – Plastic Surgeon, France
VERPAELE ALEXIS – Plastic Surgeon, Belgium